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These are some of the day trips I specially put together for people who want to know more about flora, fauna, culture and the people in this area of Tanzania. By visiting one of the villages you'll also make a donation to a development project set to benefit the village and the local people.

Day trip 1
Leave Arusha at 8:00 am for Maasai steppe areas; Longido, Oldonyo Sambu or Meserani for a full day learning and experiencing the economic, social and political system of the Maasai tribe in East Africa.

Maasai people in Longido

Day trip 2
Leave Arusha at 8:00am for Mulala village located on the foot hills of Mount Meru. Here you will get the chance of meeting the Meru people with a lot of banana farms as well as coffee. You will visit the women development group which produces local made banana wine, cheese and coffee in order to be more independend. In the afternoon you'll take a forest walk for bird watching and nature exploring with some useful explanation of the local flora, fauna and of some plants used as traditional medicines.
                        Mulala Village, foothills of Mt. Meru

Day trip 3
Leave Arusha town for 8 km of walking to the foot hills of mount Meru. This is mostly recommended for the climbers/hikers as it serves as a acclimatizing trip before mountain climbing. This will take you to the forest reserve for bird watching as well as a relaxing lunch at the water falls.
Slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro

Day trip 4
Leave Arusha for Moshi to the foot hills of mount Kilimanjaro for a full day hiking up and down the hills across banana and coffee farms. Get some time to visit and experience the lifestyle of Chagga people living on the foot of the snow capped Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
                                           Chagga woman on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

Day trip 5
Leave Arusha in the morning for Arusha National park, start with the walking safari in the park with an armed Ranger. This will give you the chance to feel the nature as you will be passing by heards of buffaloes, giraffes, zebra's, elephants, water bucks, warthogs as well as different species of birds. This is real adventure! From this park you can see mount Meru and mount Kilimanjaro opposite each other and the Momela Lakes with beautiful flamingos in between.
                 Ngurdoto Crater, Arusha National Park
Day trip 6
Leave Arusha in the morning to Lake Duluti for a nice walk around the lake and / or a canoe trip on the lake. Lake Duluti is special since there is a large number of different species of birds and a big group of Cormorends living there. You'll enjoy a nice lunch on the terrace overlooking the lake. A nice, quiet day out of the town and the fresh air will be very relaxing for you.
               Cormorants at Lake Duluti
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