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I was born and raised in the northern zone of Tanzania. I spend most of my upbringing in a little village on the foothills of mount Meru. I was really interested to work with nature since I was a young boy. I used to look after my grandfather's cattle and goats which made me know the characters of some animals and different species of birds. We used to hunt antelopes, but nowadays that is no longer needed because now, I know that I have to preserve nature. In Tanzania lifestyle is also changing so now we have other opportunities and means which makes hunting no longer neccesary for a our generation of people living in this area of Tanzania.

Here I'm in Moshi, you see mt. Kilimanjaro in the backgound

After I completed my primary school education I went to secondary school where I learned about animals, birds and plants in Biology which made me more interested.

It was when I finished my secondary studies I decided to get even more education and studied at the Wildlife College and succeeded to obtain a diploma in wildlife in order to fulfill my dreams. I started out to be a guide for Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru trekkings but now I work as a Safari Tour Guide to different destinations in Tanzania as well as some other parts of East Africa.
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